Polo G

The Most Hype Polo G Lyrics For Captions

  • Polo G


    Wake up the chef and that shit throwin' down

  • Polo G

    Partin Ways

    Heartbreak got you runnin' again

  • Polo G

    Black Man In America

    Line 'em all up then it's R.I.P., ain't apologizin' in the booth

  • Polo G

    Pop Out Again

    I pull up in Ferraris when I hop on the plane (No cap)

  • Polo G


    In Bentley trucks, with semis tucked

About Polo G

Polo G, an American rapper out of Chicago, rose through the ranks quickly in 2018. That momentum hasn't slowed down as he was named to XXL's 2020 Freshman Class. Safe to say Polo G will be dropping bars perfect for your next IG post for years to come. Click or tap on the box containing your lyric to copy and paste directly to Instagram.