Lil Tecca

The Top Lil Tecca Lyrics for the Perfect Caption

  • Lil Tecca

    When You Down

    So now I just pour it up in my cup

  • Lil Tecca

    Back It Up

    I promise, I won't be mad at you

  • Lil Tecca

    Level Up

    She go down, just because I'm poppin'

  • Lil Tecca

    Miss Me

    Hear me, yeah, yeah, hear me, yeah, yeah

  • Lil Tecca

    Our Time

    Real cold outside, I ain't even gon' burr (Fuck that)

About Lil Tecca

Born and raised in New York, Lil Tecca is a breakout rapper making waves with his singles "Ransom" and "Love Me." His debut single, "Ransom," has been streamed millions of times on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Lil Tecca's lyrics are introspective and heartfelt, and his music is sure to touch your soul. Find a Lil Tecca lyric to perfect for your next post. Click or tap on the box containing your lyric to copy and paste directly to Instagram.