Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

  • Kanye West

    I Wonder

    When you hop back in the car

  • 21 Savage


    And I take the gang with me everywhere I go

  • Jay-Z

    Face Off

    (I be the 4-5th flamer hoes bitch shamer)

  • Meek Mill

    Young Black America

    Black man kill a white man, they gon' start a war up

  • Chris Brown

    Covered In You

    Hold on to me tight, yeah

  • Future

    Hard To Choose One

    One hundred bad bitches havin' fun (What's up?)

  • Chris Brown

    BP / No Judgement

    And to be specific, you like them Christian Loubs

  • Tyga


    'Toy activo, mami, tú me dice' when

  • Gunna


    Blow your shit out 'til it's smithereens

  • 21 Savage


    Yo gotta run off on the plug