Internet Money

Internet Money Lyrics That'll Slay The Instagram Caption Game

  • Internet Money

    Lemonade (Remix)

    College girls give a nigga head in my Rafs (Ooh)

  • Internet Money

    No Option

    "You gotta get better control of your businesses

  • Internet Money


    You know what I is, bitch, you want me, yeah

  • Internet Money

    Right Now

    Fuck on shawties, I can't even pick (Let's go)

  • Internet Money


    I need your attention undivided (Undivided)

About Internet Money

Internet Money is not your typical artist or an artist at all. They are a collective of record producers and a record label. The collective is made up of producers: Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, DT, Alec Wigdahl, Cxdy, E-Trou, Jolz, JR Hitmaker, KC Supreme, MJ Nichols, Pharaoh Vice, Repko, and Boyband. This collective stands out for their unique sounds and the many different artist that they work with. Take you IG game up another level with lyrics from Internet Money. Click or tap on the box containing your lyric to copy and paste directly to Instagram.