Don Toliver

The Best Don Toliver Lyrics For Captions

  • Don Toliver

    Heaven Or Hell Intro


  • Don Toliver


    I get a little bit crossfaded, catch a vibe, ooh

  • Don Toliver


    Drownin' in euphoria, drownin' in euphoria (Oh-oh-oh, oh)

  • Don Toliver

    Swangin' On Westheimer

    And the cops behind, they tellin' it

  • Don Toliver

    Company Pt 2

    I hope it's lovin' you find, girl (Lovin' you find)

About Don Toliver

Caleb Zackery Toliver, known professionally as Don Toliver, became a known entity when Travis Scott's track "Can't Say" was released. Since then Don Toliver has put out his own studio album and has where his tunes have blown up on TikTok. His flow takes influence from 90s rhythm-and-blues stars melodies that he combines with modern trap production techniques and instrumentation. Find a Don Toliver lyric to use on your Tinder, Bumble or Hinge profile or for your next post on Instagram or TikTok.