The Hottest DaBaby Lyrics For Captions

  • Kanye West

    I Wonder

    When you hop back in the car

  • 21 Savage


    And I take the gang with me everywhere I go

  • Jay-Z

    Face Off

    (I be the 4-5th flamer hoes bitch shamer)

  • Meek Mill

    Young Black America

    Black man kill a white man, they gon' start a war up

  • Chris Brown

    Covered In You

    Hold on to me tight, yeah

About DaBaby

DaBaby, born as Joanthan Kirk, is an American rapper(trap rap mainly) raised in North Carolina. DaBaby became mainstream in 2019 due to his hit track "Suge". He would go on to drop a Billboard number one song "Rockstar", which was also nominated for the Grammy Record of the year. Find a DaBaby lyric to use on your next Instagram or TikTok post or even for your Tinder, Bumble or Hinge profile.